How to make extra money in this economy

If you don’t have job or you need need extra cash here are some great jobs apps for millennials to have

1 delivery apps (Postmates, uber eats, caviar, grubhub)

2 Taxi apps (lyft,uber, Via)

3 Freelance ,freelancers, TaskRabbit, Gigwalk, tispr, Wonolo

4 Surveys, inbox dollar, and QuickThought

5. Become a distributor with Cherish pads

Apps like Freelance, freelancer and TaskRabbit which was featured in season 3 of the Netflix series unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt have the potential to land you a permanent position and what ever College degree you majored in I also have the potential to expand your potential business, Distinctive Personnel is also another good temp agency you can go to as well.


Licenses, certificates and trades to Definitely invest in

• Real estate

• Security

• Home health aide


• Bartending

• Automotive repair

• Engineering

• Alternative energy

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You’re going to need a vehicle of some sort and a charger if you do postmates you can walk but that’s if you can walk really fast without killing yourself


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