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All right with everything going on and all cuts to the national budget which includes cuts to

• after-school programs

• education

• Meals on wheels

• Housing and urban development

now essentially these are important to the development of our society as explained in the education blog which you can read. parents have to work for most after school programs provide education assistance for students struggling with classes, it provides a safe haven for people effected by gang activity and influence these programs will teach the next generation how not to fall victim of such issues. What we could do I am actually going to quote John F. Kennedy on this “ask not what this country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” We could fund these programs ourselves by donating one dollar or even our time. Let’s invest in the children of the future the kids that are going to pave the way so we can go to Mars so we can travel through space. Our kids have a lot to learn and we are the only ones that can teach them. Now when It comes to housing. Public housing is supposed to be it is meant to be temporary so therefore for some of us were so young that’s go back to school build businesses and hire employees that would benefit from all this. Let’s Pick ourselves up from our bootstraps and yeah let’s not make excuses for ourselves. Meals on wheels will survive thanks to Colin Keapernick. After school programs needs to be funded the most let’s make sure these kids learn everything they need such as comprehensive sex education and we can do that and numerous ways by making sure they’re focused on their future rather than the pleasures let show them what it takes to raise a child the life you’re giving up teaching finances let them know that life as a know it will be interrupted so all that time of going to the movies going to theme parks having a joy able summer will end the moment they make that mistake teach them about preventive care because preventive care is a lot cheaper.

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