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First let me start by saying when I was 13 I had a job delivering newspapers it wasn’t till I was 14 when I got my working papers and began working for summer youth. Now here is several ways to make more money over the summer.

  1. Seasonal work: anything that has to do with summer activities such as boating, instructor, Camp counselor, theme parks like Six Flags great Adventure, hotel or hospitals as a candy striper or jobs if you’re in college that will involve whatever it is that you’re studying So you can learn while you work.
  2. Freelancing: this is your chance to show off your talents to the world lotta people are studying graphic design, web design, website builders, video animation and videography.
  3. Odd jobs: whether it’s cleaning someone’s house delivering groceries or building and moving furniture you will always find these jobs available
  4. Start a blog or a vlog: there are many platforms that you can use such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and twitch to name a few. you can get advertisers and sponsors and when it comes to blog you can get sponsors or sign up to become an affiliate with click bank, commission Junction, Amazon and eBay Word press and wix are free.
  5. Arts and crafts: is low platform she can use to sell your work of art like Etsy and Facebook
  6. Sell your old junk on eBay, Let-go and other websites
  7. Create a website to sell products and services to potential buyers
  8. Tutor or instructor There’s a lot of kids in summer school that you can tutor this gives you an opportunity to do what you love and make a difference in someone’s life.

For everything I’ve mentioned above there is an app for each and everything on this list such as

if you wanna learn more you can join my blog where I talk about jobs, entrepreneurship, apprenticeships and education two things always inspire and if you don’t know something use Google

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