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It’s summertime, Summer loving, summer fun Summer is my favorite season of the year next to it is spring and winter if you haven’t enrolled your child in summer school or summer camp I suggest you do it will help your children grow now although you can always take them to the live in New York The Zoos, The Hall of science, Governors Island or any of the cruise companies available like Hornblower cruises and events which is in New York, Texas, San Francisco and San Diego if you’re in San Francisco you might want to check out Pier 33 The Tea garden and if you have a chance check out Haight and Ashberry if you want to go to the beach San Francisco’s weather isn’t really popular for that but if you must there is three beaches Marshalls, Baker and oceans beach you can also visit the Golden Gate Bridge while you’re at the beach, and then you have Orlando The millennium mall, sea world Disney springs formally known as downtown Disney and CityWalk. For more information on all these places visit Groupon fever or any of the visitors centers

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