Father’s Day meal

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Father’s Day is 3 weeks away And while A lot of namebrand restaurants such as Olive Garden Applebee’s, Chili’s, Dallas BBQ and the famous at Buffalo wild wings maybe extremely packed there other restaurants and ways that you can Treat your father or husband to wonderful meal if you can’t make it to the usual spots then Here are a few suggestions Support small diners One place I go to which has a phenomenal menu is midnight express great food open all night and all day prices are awesome better than what you usually get from the usual places they have Nutella crêpes they have breakfast brunch, lunch and dinner,

if you can’t make it there you can make it to Patsy’s they have several locations Reos on 114 and pleasant avenue if you like Spanish food you go to Sandy’s or el Nuevo Caridad or paladar BBQ

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Father’s Day gift ideas

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Keisha Vaughnes She has wonderful Healthy Recipes not only are they good but they are good for you

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