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On September 3, 2018 Nike featured Colin Kaepernick on their 30th anniversary following an the next day.

This photo caused so much backlash that people started burning and destroying their Nike products not only to show their Destain and hatred for the decision but in of this viral trend Rather than donate to a non-prophet organization.

It was also met with a 3% purge in their stock prices then rose back up again a day later.

On Tuesday a commercial was released with the former football player turned activist who gave a very inspirational message

here’s the thing Nike took a calculated risk however they’re to looking to market to millennials, young impressionable people who are going to buy their products long term.

This should not be a surprise to anyone considering past figures such as Serena Williams, Michael Jordan, koby Bryant, tiger woods and the king himself LeBron James people who have Withstood adversity.

At the same time let’s call this what is a publicity stunt an attempt to stay relevant the best way to get attention is controversy.

I will add Levi to this in saying they too are using the same tactics.

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