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In an earlier blog I spoke about the difference between Uber eats and postmates both platforms allows for Walkers which is great for me because although I’m embarrassed to admit it I can’t ride a bike due to a back injury I incurred after a car accident in September 2014 (Vehicle Vs. pedestrian) while they were constructing the second avenue subway station but this is not about me.

If you’re interested in working for Uber you have the option between walking, biking or driving here’s the catch you have to get there at a reasonable time regardless the weather and they don’t ask for excuses as appose to postmates which contacts you if your stationary for more then 20 minutes which if you go to the apple store at grand central it’s going to take some time.

If your waiting for a delivery and the order isn’t ready they have a feature that says order not ready press it will save you from termination.

Uber 3 strike rule you can’t be late you’re late 3 times you’re permanently banned again no appeal no you can reapply at a later date no excuses or as Donald Trump likes to say

The great part about Uber eats is that you work when you want there’s more work to go around, , they have more obtainable bonuses, the referral bonuses are of the charts and you can get instant Cash deposited in to your bank for ¢50 or GoBank for free

Equipments you’ll need if you don’t have it

Any who that’s all I have if you want to sign up for Uber or postmates and try Instacart as soon as I can get on I’ll do a review check out my other job app reviews support me on Amazon or PayPal.

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