Delta’s customer service

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Recently a video surfaced of a delta employee (Delta Debbie) breaking several cardinal rules of customer service and the number one law before we get to that let’s talk about the incident

On August 24, 2018 a business woman by the name of Arlene was returning home from a business trip on a Delta flight from Kentucky-Boston.When she arrived she picked up her luggage at baggage claim when she noticed One of her bags was badly damaged so she went to the service desk to file a claim.

There were 5 people on staff that day 4 service agent and a manager who rushed to handle another situation.

because it’s always busy at delta

after being brushed off and ignored (cardinal sin #1+2) she was finally addressed when one of the employees over heard her conversation on the phone and handled her case poorly.

After she made her claim with another employee who assisted her she asked for the managers name and number to ensure her claim was properly taken care of the employee who addressed her

refused then when she realized she was being recorded instead of calling security she breaks the one law people have been allowed to break when she misused the the 911 system by calling the cops.

This has been a growing trend for months but it’s more costly to business who have to deal with

For the record I reached to the employee in question she has not responded and deleted her whole social media accounts and no she’s not Racist I checked.

What to do when dealing with an unhappy customer

  • Listen to the problem
  • Acknowledge their concerns
  • Tend to their complaints
  • Call a manager or give them a name & number
  • Honor their time
  • Although working in the travel industry can be stressful Don’t resort to
    • Attitude
    • Refusal of duties
    • Ignore the customer
    • Calling police for on non-threatening nonviolent circumstances.

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