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Over the summer I visited hotel ML/ Coco key indoor waterpark in New Jersey and I have to say for the most part it’s OK it’s small and a little pricey but the packages that they have are Decent we paid $500 for the package which included

  • room
  • large pie 4 sodas
  • 4 wrist bands
  • a breakfast buffet
  • Customer service

  • The staff performance was decent they greeted us when we Checked and it was a great welcome they were thorough with explaining the package I also enjoyed the cupcakes that they had at the gift shop my niece also enjoy a given fact that it was a birthday present for her
  • The hotel halls and pool area

  • it took the staff about 6 hours to pick up linen left over from prior guests.
  • They had to entrance and exit to the pool area which required a key card to get back in the hotel only one side worked they had very few lawn chairs and one was broken
  • Also side note the jacuzzi is only inside the water park which closed at 10pm.
  • Coco keys

  • The water park itself is 2 floor of fun along with 3 water slides that knock you off your seat
  • Sharks Slam

    Sharks Slam, stands 4 stories high and is nearly 300 feet long… Brace yourself for adventure as you whip and turn your way to the bottom. Height requirement is a minimum of 42 inches per rider. Individual rides only.

    Barracuda Blast

    Let the anticipation build as you prepare for a dark voyage down the loops and turns of over 350 feet of tube slide fun. Experience thrills and chills as you gain speed before safely landing in our slide pool. Height requirement is a minimum of 48 inches per rider.

    Pelican Plunge

    Don’t be fooled by our smallest raft slide… the Pelican Plunge provides a real splash, but before you reach the bottom you must brave the curves and bends for over 300 feet. Height requirement is a minimum of 48 inches per rider

    The lazy river

    Relax as the current takes around 300 ft of the parks attractions also be careful for the water falls you might get wetter then what you anticipated and when you’re getting off try not to get carried away back into bliss

  • Other amenities include
    • flat screen tv with a converter box for any extra devices you bring with you on your trip
      heated indoor pool
      hair dryer,
      a gym,
      gift shop
      Movie theater
      atm located on premises.
  • Hotel ML is conveniently located across the street from Walmart, around the corner from a gas station and up the block from the greyhound bus station
  • For more information go to
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