Amazon raises minimum-wage to $15 an hour

Three months from now the minimum wage will be $15 an hour, Amazon has chosen to pay it’s workers that in one month.

Is this a good strategy? Yes

By preemptively raising the minimum wage they will lead in popularity it will boost productivity Which increases profits.

However it does not tell me about sacrificing Amazon has cut monthly bonuses and stock awards hey not many people are happy about this decision, there is a good chance those programs could be restored.

Amazon is one of the major companies to do this it’s not the first there are small businesses, Hornblower a company that provides boat tours, party boats ferry services pays above minimum wage as well as small businesses.

This change does not come without its critics Some small businesses I don’t feel like they can afford a $15 an hour Minimum wageSome are planning to cut hours raise prices on their product and switch over to automation and Sean are even closing up shop and going for drop shipping.

Minimum-wage alone won’t fix the problem we have to keep up with inflation which means affordable housing, Bringing back rent control and setting regulations against price gouging and hmos and tax incentives two small businesses and landlords that charge affordable rates.

We also need to start educating our kids early and providing them skills for the world in addition to sex education and money management encourage apprenticeship and careers based education.

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