the complications with Automation and innovation

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The problem with automation is it’s a very complex one as we enter into a future where things are done by computers and robots it’s tempting but not only does it put people out of work leaving low skilled workers behind in addition to the older generation which might not always get the new job market.

John Oliver does a great segment on this which you can check in the link below

Where he explains the complications of jobs leaving the hands of everyday Americans and being transferred to automation.

Now Although innovation and automation is slightly cheaper and can seem more effective it’s still comes with its problems for example the Boeing 737 max 8 which has been grounded in several countries due a crash caused by a possible sensor malfunction in Ethiopia and Indonesia which according to the New York Times could have been prevented by two safety features that weren’t on it due to cost.

Boeing’s optional safety features could’ve helped the pilots the tact erroneous readings. One of the optional upgrades the angle of attack indicator displays the reading of the two sensors. The others called it a disagree light is activated if those sensors are at odds with one another.

Credit to Hiroko Tabuchi & David Gelles

The New York Times also spoke to several airlines to see if they purchased Boeing’s safety features Many US based airlines did not spend the extra expense.

It was also discovered that

Boeing charges for a fire extinguisher that can placed in the cargo hold. Past incidences Shows that a Single extinguishing system may not enough to put out that spread rapidly trough the plane. While Japan requires airlines there to installs back extinguishing systems, This is not required by the FAA. company/boeing-company

Another example would be the automotive industry and design flaws that comes with allowing computers to do all the work,like replacing a door handle with a button Or the voice activated feature which can glitch or can be easily hacked, so while you think you’re dealing with kit you’re really dealing with HAL who can open your trunk instead of turning on your lights or can shut down your car or stop your breaks with a push of button.

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