Boycotts done right

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For the past 3 Years, There have been many boycotts none have I participated in and A few of them rather ridiculous such as the Nike and Keurig boycotts where people were literally breaking their own products to stick it to the people that needed it the most.
While I may be against boycotts as a whole because they’re pointless ridiculous and stupid done correctly can you be used to improve small businesses or create new opportunities where they may have not been for the market depending on how you boycott thanks could be smart helping the small business or create better opportunities or stupid And hurt all parties involved, such as the Gibson bakery lawsuit after a group of college students boycotted a local bakery in 2017 after they were falsely accused of racial bias when three college teens decided to steal alcohol and proceeded to provide a fake ID During which the gentlemen in question were arrested for said crimes and I will link that story down below.

But I want to talk about the right way in the wrong way to boycott and how boycotts can actually benefit and create small businesses and opportunities to those in the demographic for example.

A Store owner who refused to sell Nike or Kaepernick gear went out of business this spring because he couldn’t keep up with the market now the question is how much was he charging was he still charging the same price he charges for every other sneaker if so He did it wrong what you should’ve done was ask the local churches for his visits or reduce the prices of the items he sells depending on the wholesale value.

Also if you’re going to boycott a business the best way to do that is by not going there and using social media to promote businesses you may support and give them your business for example rather than advertising small businesses there are people at Waffle house and red Apple nails blocking entrances Which destroys the one thing you’re trying to do on the other hand one boycott that I actually agree with is boycott Georgia,Alabama, Mississippi end it they’re call to boycott Netflix Hulu Disney plus why am I for that here’s what.

Well Netflix Hulu and Disney are doing their thing, Christian filmmakers, producers actors, studios and tech companies can begin to flourish more like pureflix or any film you can find on crowdfunding sites for example

  • Be still
  • With thousands of boycotts Comes thousands upon thousands of small businesses, start-up companies that are starving for your business don’t like Airbnb goes to Airbnb don’t like Starbucks to your local coffee shop in your area or look for crowdfunding campaign’s and support a coffee shop, if you don’t like Uber then you pick Metro black, if you don’t like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you go to gab, Vimeo, 4chan or MySpace.

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