how to maneuver around the gig economy

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Whether you do Uber, postmates, GrubHub, door dash, caviar, Instacart, or wag you’re gonna have your moments where it’s slow and if you’re on multiple platforms like many of us are actually quite frustrating especially when Postmates which has been destroyed by Uber has decided to lower their guarantee.

So when it’s slow instead of rolling or walking around waiting for something pop up here are things you can do to supplement your income while you wait for a delivery or an opportunity to come by.

  1. Wonolo
  2. TaskRabbit
  3. Field Agent
  4. Brand ambassador
  5. Field day
  6. Brand Bassador
  7. Karma casting
  8. Shipt
  9. Become a Freelancer
  10. Do a Fiverr job
    Get Sponsored by either a small business or mlms
    promote small businesses
    Go to new restaurants Get them to join Uber or Postmates
    Go live on Facebook Twitter Instagram and YouTube let people know your experience what you’re going through as a Courier
    Get a go pro
    Refer new people
    Create and promote a starter kit for newcomers
  • That’s all I have if you want more information  check out my other blogs support me on Amazon or PayPalLook out for my next string of blogs where I will be talking about about supply & demand the importance of working a job you love vs one that you hate and more to come.

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