Uber eats and postmates starter kit

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Uber eats and postmates are the only ones who Who except walkers so here are the things that you need as a walker.

  1. A portable charger– doing any of these tasks require a lot of power so you need to make sure that you have a good portable charger that will last you up to 16 hours
  2. A MetroCard- One of the things that is affective in getting tips and trips is getting to the place as fast as possible public transportation maybe one of the ways that you can get around quickly that or actually taking an Uber, Lyft
  3. Citi bike – if you don’t have a bike then it is officiant to rent one from Citi bike
  4. A scooter -A scooter is a lot cheaper than most bikes very easy to use and it still comes the motor.
  5. Safety gear – such as: light neon rain jacket Neon T-shirt so people can see you or a poncho
  • That’s all I have if you want more information  check out my other blogs support me on Amazon or PayPalLook out for my next string of blogs where I will be talking about about supply & demand the importance of working a job you love vs one that you hate and more to come.

    Metro Black

    Road trek

    Notorious finesse.

    streamers of the week goes to

    Darren Marlar of Marlar house who does weird darkness and weird news daily also join Darren Marlar to Battle the darkness his campaign to help help people who struggle with depression and Suicidal thoughts which I’ve also struggled with in the past. Nothing is ever hopeless Talk to someone you’re not alone or download Wizdo on your phone

    This one comes from an Instagram or that comes very close to my heart considering the fact that I’ve seen people of lost their lives to gang violence so for that I give you a started with nothing fisbanga 

    Earl of words a poet, blogger, actor & youtuber

    Nateflicks which does employee evaluations and rewinds

    Final facts with Alyssa 

    Pre-order The System of Passive Aggressive Racism In The System of White Supremacy by Phil Scott


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    Art By Aleighsha
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    Catered to a T 



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