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OK so recently Starbucks has been under fire when one of their employees kicked out six police officers because they made them feel uncomfortable.

first in for most if you feel uncomfortable then you need to remove yourself from that situations like that or grin and bear it and if you have warrants that you haven’t taken care of don’t draw attention to yourself, don’t give officers information that they didn’t ask for and even if they do you can always not talk to them however when police officers come in to your establishments They are your guest they are not working therefore they’re not looking for anything but just some coffee or some food and a cool place to sit down.

Secondly you cannot kick someone out because they make you feel uncomfortable however you can kick them out if they are violating terms of service like no shirt no shoes or panhandling which at that point you could always offer them a job check out one of my older blogs on hiring the homeless.

Same thing goes for small businesses you make the rules in accordance to the law as long as it doesn’t impede on someone else’s right.

This is not the first coffee shop to do this a coffee shop called Hasta muérete in Oakland California was also under fire for the same thing. That Starbucks employee should learn from that situation there’s a quote in proverbs 12:15 which Reads a wise learns from his mistakes a wiser man learns from mistakes of others.

Just like terms of service businesses also have the same rights as Regular people such as the fourth amendment of the Constitution which protects you and your customers from unreasonable searches and seizures that so cops are not allowed to walk into a business unless they have a warrant or probable cause to make an arrest so if a cop enters your establishment to buy coffee that’s all they’re allowed to do is just buy coffee and have a seat which is probably all they’re looking to do it’s the summertime everybody’s trying to get out the heat.

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