What should you provide your guests if you’re In the food service industry

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Whether you own a restaurant or a franchise there are a couple things you should provide your customers.

A great attitude

This will always be my number one important thing to reply to a customer great customer service great attitude greet them at the door if you can and show them how grateful you are for choosing you.

Clean and safe environment

Your establishment should be clean not just for your employees but your customers as well which means wash your hands rotate your food and clean up after every customer


While it is mandatory to provide restrooms to your employees your customers are a different story you’re only required to provide restroom if you have seating or 19 or more Customers although if you’re allowing your customers to sit down and eat and you’re not providing a grab and go service it would be more sensible to provide them with the restroom.

Pricing displays

It is imperative that everybody in the restaurant history whether you’re small business or i it is imperative that everybody in the restaurant industry whether you’re a small restaurant or a franchise all prices must be displayed now this seem like common sense except it’s not when you have a self served soda fountain

While some restaurants and franchise give free refills, some do not and if you charge for refills it has to be displayed above the fountain or on the menu board if not then it’s like not having a contact



When dealing with customers always be consistent with your terms of service don’t play favorites, use your judgment carefully we all remember Starbucks incident where cops were called on potential customers waiting for their partners,

there was another incident in California where a Starbucks allowed a frequent customer access to the bathroom instead of the potential customer and tried to cover it up by threatening to kick out the person who exposed her mistake she was accused of racism.

Honor discounts and coupons

Some restaurants and franchises offer discounts and coupons for Surrounding business employees As long as they fit the criteria then you have to make sure you and your employees honor the original contract for example There was a case back in 2018 where a restaurant Denies Customer’s Coupon, The customer then recruits his roommate as a secret shopper.

The best way for new business to flourish is to network with surrounding businesses and working with different rewards programs such as Groupon, drop or dosh

deal with dine and dashers

Dine and dasher need to be dealt with there’s a right way to do things and a wrong way here are important things to remember when dealing with dine and dashers Not everybody is a dine and dashers which means you cannot initiate rules based on ethnicity, if you have an habitual offender which you shouldn’t because the first offense can get you banned or arrested then you either call the cops or make sure security escort them out and have surveillance, there of been too many cases where employees or businesses have gotten sued or fired due to suspected racism which is often misconstrued or misunderstood.

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