Hershey park customer service review

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During my trip to Hershey park, I experienced wonderful things but I also noticed that there are some things they definitely need to work on so I’m gonna go over my experience The good and bad of Hersheypark.

Day one

During the first day only six hours over there we saw shows got on a few rides perfect we even rented a wheelchair for my niece.

A couple of things to note

  1. if you’re a diabetic and you forget your testing strips are you sure to stop by Any pharmacy before you start heading to the park.
  2. If you rent the wheelchair be sure to get an accessibility pass they won’t tell you that at the rental area they will be sure to tell you when you get on the rides.
  • Food
  • No Matter where you go it’s going to pack so if you have an app for Chick-fil-A use that to order ahead.
  • As were zipping around through the park we eventually decided that it was time to call it a day so we can try to get on one more ride before we checked in to our hotel and that’s where we learned about the accessibility pass.

    Day two

    On day two it was equally as great of you to Caribou need to take care of him and I’ll see you later we had a blast it was raining one of the best parts that I found was when it started to rain they allowed people to take refuge inside a cover of the indoor shows such As The circus which is right across from Chick-fil-AYou also had the indoor rides that were available like The laugh track Reese’s cup fusion, and many others they shut down the rides, giving the guests ample time to find shelter.And they even gave guests rain checks to come back at a later date.

    So in closing a couple of things to take to work on is maybe a CVS kiosk order ahead feature on their app, give access to the accessibility pass to the employees renting the wheelchairs or make sure that information is known once the rental has been made.

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