Do’s and don’ts of contracting

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there’s an important story that I actually wanted to share with you but before I do I want to talk about what you should and should not do as a private contractor.

1. Give a written estimate on costs and stick to it both parties must lay down their terms and conditions prior to the start of the project.
2. Show up on time, do the work, Come prepared and leave a neat, tidy job site after you’ve finished.

3. Follow up with the customer when the work is complete to make sure the customer is 100% satisfied with the job. Any corrections are to be made within 48 hours.
4. thank them for their business.
5. Be Respectful of the customers home or place of business: indoors, use shoe covers, drop cloths, and drapes to protect furniture and carpeting, surfaces, and floor coverings. Outside, avoid walking over lawns or flower beds and the like. Be careful of open containers of paint and of trailing cables.
6. Ask for referrals and when a referral converts, send the client who made the referral something
7. Keep clothing and vehicles clean and looking their best.
8. Make sure everything is clean do not leave anything behind. Leave the job site looking better than when you found it.

9. Be respectful and mindful of The customers and neighbors at all times refrain from using vulgar language and If you smoke the best thing to do is to use an e-cigarette

10. Get to know your clients or customer especially if you get them from Facebook
11. Absolutely do not show up to a job with anything other than the name of your this will get you sent home to be safe White, black or green tee shirt The only thing that should be on your shirt or your car is the name of your company and phone number
There was a case a couple of weeks ago involving an African-American couple in Georgia who hired a contractor from Facebook when the contractor pulled in he, unfortunately, revealed the huge Confederate flag on his truck and the couple send him home.

Credit to CBS Atlanta for the report.
In conclusion When your business you’re there to work your obligation is to the consumer, not your personal beliefs

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