Walmart double feature

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Last weekend a lone gunman opened fire at a Walmart in El Paso Texas killing 22 and injuring 26 people, as a result, the response was typical but Walmart’s reaction was the most interesting.

While on the employee side they chose to host a sickout to protest gun legislation (common-sense regulations)

Walmart employees reaction

While I can sympathize on how Gut wrenchingly hard it is to work for a corporation that provided the tools means and opportunity for such a horrific act it’s hard not to try to implement change via protest however getting a large corporation to change its policy is not an easy task so the best thing to do is continue to join organization and work for business that has made such changes like dicks sporting goods or target or start a small business.

Walmart’s reaction

After claims were made that violent video games are responsible for mass shootings which is a farce and A complete deflection of the situation Walmart attempted to take down violent video games displays.

This move was extremely irrational unless you are a conspiracy theorist and believe just by looking at a picture of snake holding a gun will trigger a person to go on a killing spree that’s not how video game ads work

And on top of that, there are no video games featuring Hispanics as antagonist unless you count Grand theft auto or Saints Row then you might have a point except it’s the equivalent of playing cops and robbers, nor are the protagonist’s Nazis or white supremacist.

  • The Best action to take if any is to increase security, implement policy to remove magazines or be placed on safety upon entering the store or not to allow it your store, fast food restaurants, and department stores tend to ban outside food.
  • In conclusion, while these policy changes seem like a good idea ultimately it’s up to corporations and consumers to make decisions about how to work together to minimize these types of events from occurring.
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