Is White Supremacy A Hoax?

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After the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting and the the shooting in El Paso, Tucker Carlson says he believed White supremacy was a hoax in the same segment he also argued that with the issues the US faces such as low wage and high suicide rate were at an all time high.

Many including the FBI would argue that its not a hoax I’ll go even further to say that white supremacy is as much of a problem as gang violence.

However, he is right in saying we need to get to the root of the causes of violence in America which is the propaganda that the media distracts every day which is ironic considering what he covers discriminately every day but let’s break down his argument and give him the benefit of the doubt.

His argument on low wages and high suicide rates may be related to the rise and white supremacy in the day and age where we shame people for their alternative ideas will tend to radicalize them even more Especially when you restrict speech.

The average person used to work two or three jobs just to make ends meet many college students are finding it difficult to find a job in their field and they end up working in areas that they are overqualified for I’ve discussed this in previous blogs imagine the strain that puts on children of parents who don’t have the influence that they need so they tend to turn to influences that are out there so this new generation needs access to proper influences and education another reason why college should be at least affordable in addition to preventing landlords from gouging prices on apartments but that’s for another time.

Bullying and public shaming is another cause of this radicalization as well as suicide and mental health In addition to access to mental health and careful monitoring of pharmaceutical companies and antidepressants.

we have to be careful when it comes to public shaming because one’s upbringing and ideas are different than someone using the N-word or maliciously calling someone names and having your ideas misinterpreted can cause people to lose their jobs and livelihood so we have to try to understand where people are coming from before being so harsh in our criticism a perfect example of this was what happened to Sarah braasch

A woman with an Anxiety disorder mistaken for racism now granted while she has been out spoken it is important to note that she was turned into what people made her to be.

Another example comes from season four of Supergirl where one the Antagonist was radicalized due to a series of events and one scene he tries to stop a flight from happening between humans and aliens and the protagonist blames him which can also be an allegory for what happened to Eric Garner but that’s also for another time in another scene it was depicted that no one was listening to the issues the antagonist had then Tragedy struck he lost his father his family business and finally his teaching job tragedy struck even further when he lost his wife which only exacerbated his mental state.

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