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It is rare that I talk about politics on my blog I usually save it for Twitter and Facebook however although I’m not trying to defend it is important to note that when it comes to corporations they tend to want the highest return on their taxes which is why they tend to go for the candidate that is offering tax cuts.

There have been plenty of boycotts over the support in Republican donations but the fact of the matter is corporations give to both parties which are shown in this graph from Target.

While this practice continues on tell today’s political climate there is an organization out there that is trying to fight against all this called Wolfpack which was found by the young Turks CEO Cenk Uygur.

So instead of boycotting businesses support small businesses or join the progressive fight to get money out of politics or sign up for stash and get a $5 bonus: or sign up

In conclusion, unless the CEO publicly endorses bigotry over money boycotts are pointless in addition to being used as a free marketing technique So if you’re going to use the boycott hashtag use it to promote an alternative to a small business or Kickstarter like the ones below.

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This one comes from an Instagram or that comes very close to my heart considering the fact that I’ve seen people of lost their lives to gang violence so for that I give you a started with nothing fisbanga

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