Uber is the Facebook of delivery app

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As the gig economy continues to rise the battle of the apps is only beginning as the demand for food deliveries have decreased food delivery apps are starting to merge like we see with door dash and their purchase of caviar but I’m not going to talk about that I want to talk about Uber’s domination and the food delivery market and the issues it stems from.

Uber has dominated the delivery market so much so that companies like Postmates which started the gig economy are struggling to maintain the market which affects it’s delivery agents.

This is coming from my personal experience from when I first started in the gig economy considering the fact that Postmates was the first one to take on walkers which is a benefit to me because due to my disability I do not have the balance it takes to ride a bike.

Postmates started out with paying $4 a delivery now pain a $3 minimum for delivery which is how much Uber pays.

Their guarantees were unobtainable for someone who did not have a vehicle, so if you are a walker the most you could get was possibly 7 deliveries but as time past deliveries became non-existent.

now when you look at the experience that scoober had provided they had more obtainable bonuses rather than guarantee that Postmates who is giving so it doesn’t matter if you made more in tips or not you still get the bonus from Uber what is usually 15 to $20 which makes sense considering the fact that their pay per delivery was low fast forward till today Uber is now as big as Facebook while Postmates has become as popular as Myspace.

With this fact and knowledge Uber has continued to change their bonuses without notifying their workers which will most likely force the walkers back to a 9 to 5 job instead of giving them the freedom to freelance.

As I continue to work for both I can tell you the pros and cons of Postmates and Uber in another post titled Uber vs postmates, another plus for postmates is you have access to the customer in case changes have to be made as opposed to Uber which has a third-party contact the customer or would rather cancel the whole order instead of trying to resolve any changes that need to be made.

In conclusion, Uber is the Facebook of the delivery market it’s only a matter of time before they merge with Postmates.


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