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In a previous post, I wrote titled the best cellular service for entrepreneurs well I have an update I am back with T-Mobile and that was the best choice I’ve ever made thus far.

T-Mobile is inexpensive it comes with VOLTE ( voice over LTE) which is a simple way of saying you can talk and use data at the same time which makes it easier to work it doesn’t matter what phone you have you’re still able to use the internet while you talk,

The recovery time is a lot better from between the time you lose service and get it back when I had Sprint I had to constantly restart my data just to get service back which if you’re doing something like Uber Eats or Postmates that’s going to make you lose at least one delivery and with deliveries being so low time is money.

AT&T and Verizon are very expensive but pretty high quality if you can afford it you got it but if you’re on a budget then T-Mobile is the company you want to go with my next review will be on the phones iOS versus Android as far as entrepreneurship goes there are certain apps that are better one certain devices thanks for reading

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This one comes from an Instagram or that comes very close to my heart considering the fact that I’ve seen people of lost their lives to gang violence so for that I give you a started with nothing fisbanga

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