Area 51 raid

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Well, the day has finally come when everybody decided to take the weekend off and head to Rachel Nevada to see if there are aliens at Area 51 AKA Groom Lake.

While it’s all fun and games it was a perfect opportunity that almost turned into a disaster when residence and military decided that they weren’t comfortable the attention of the area 51 raid which brought money to local businesses such as the motel the gift shop and the brothel there are some people who preferred the simple life but I can’t drugs to their perfectly quiet community in addition to the users who would have tried to raid Area 51.

However, I completely recommend this be a yearly trend Maybe take it to Roswell it will improve the quality of local businesses in the area since as you already most of the attention tends to go to Nevada’s other tourist Trap.

Nevada is home to one of the biggest tourist traps in America it is the land of Broken and where dreams are made of where Bachelor’s spend their last days before putting on that special ring that they are taken it is home to many conventions and where incels go to get laid as you know by now I’m talking about Las Vegas, NV they don’t call it sin City for nothing so considering Las Vegas takes 99% of the tourist  income that comes into the state it should be refreshing to the town’s residents of Rachel Nevada.

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