Don’t stay at a job that you hate

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Don’t stay at a job that you hate because you’re going to make your life miserable and as you know misery tends to love company,  so you’ll be looking for people to join in the party than before you know it everyone else is miserable in addition you’ll be stopping someone else who wants to be in the position you are in of working.

Staying at a job that you hate will often lead to destruction for

I get that leaving any job for the sake of trying to make yourself happy or comfortable is a scary thought and not an easy choice to make however, it may be better for all parties involved for example  I was miserable at my last job for not being able to move up to the point where I thought of suicide while leaving that job was a hard decision and  while I had something to fall back on my decision to not go back to that job was pretty hard especially considering everything I was leaving behind a job that I loved, amazing coworkers, great pay and a great atmosphere I traded that all in for mine and my co-workers sanity knowing that my misery would be unfair for them to deal with, all to work at a job I can care less about nor fit in.

In conclusion, If you hate your job then do yourself and the world a favor step aside so someone else can take your place While You find yours that you can give your all or some

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