Dealing with guest accommodation

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When dealing in the area of fine dining it is extremely important to accommodate everyone accordingly while there are some requests that cannot be fulfilled nor should be fulfilled there a ways to go around doing so.

A perfect example of this would be Buffalo Wild Wings where a group of 18 guests came into the restaurant to celebrate a birthday/celebration after a Junior basketball tournament The Host who attempted to ensure that the group had a pleasant experience and attempted not to seat the group of 18 near a regular guests who had unsavory preferences and knew that things would get really ugly had sat them near his table after they were seated shortly after they were asked to move their table to accommodate the regular this indeed was a bad move.

It doesn’t matter how much a person tips or how regularly they come, if you give in to one person demand they will always ask for more if there is no other table for them to sit except for there then the customer has to deal with his/her grievance or he or she can leave or be moved to another table its easier to move 2 than 18.

In closing if I was the host knowing the situation I wouldn’t ask about race sexual orientation or religion of the customer, what I would have done instead was fined another seating arrangement if that was the only area that had the longest table I would then advise regular of the situation I would offer him another seat somewhere else he can grin and bear, or get his order to go.

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