Popeye’s chicken sandwich

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I have done my best to try to stay on the topic to provide you with content of business and education but today I’m going to talk about something very important because it’s something that continues to trend and that is the Popeyes chicken sandwich and the frenzy it has come with it.

Fights have been breaking out people pulling guns out on the employees over this nonsense a man is dead over a freaking sandwich it has become a running joke and meme this has to stop.

For those are you guys flocking tell Popeyes to get a chicken sandwich why not take that same money and energy into supporting a business in the minority community or instead of flogging to Popeye’s her chicken sandwich go to a college open house lineup to sign up for the military or go vote!

Popeyes is not just a corporation it’s a franchise and it’s a franchise like a subway or 711, Where the stores are independently owned the same way these franchisees profited off of your fuckary you can too.

Seriously though we have to do better as a community time to change the narrative.

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