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Popeyes is at it again 7 employees have just lost their jobs over a brawl caught on camera in a Milwaukee restaurant

While no arrests and it’s unclear what started it the brawl this is a clear example of workplace fatigue stress which leads to workplace violence especially when you were in an enclosed environment like Popeyes during the chicken sandwich craze which has not died down since its re-release.

Working for a small business I’ve seen it all free employees who want to do whatever they want to do to people not getting paid on time why the stress of not being paid on time or the idea of losing your job for doing something you’re not supposed to do is very stressful and can lead to violence depending on the situation.

To prevent this type of stress it is important to give employees space and breaks in between work if you as an employee find yourself getting agitated is important to remove yourself from that situation.

If you are a victim of workplace harassment which can include frivolous write-ups uncomfortable situations or unhealthy work environment you have three options

  • Go to HR
  • Go to the higher up
  • Get a lawyer

There’s a situation in Phoenix Arizona where an employee of a moving company was being harassed and verbally assaulted by one of the managers the owner of the company didn’t act on a manager instead she told the employee “if you didn’t like it you can leave” he sued the company and was awarded for damages and lost wages.

In conclusion, remember if you feel stressed remove yourself from the situation if you are being harassed take steps to correct it, Stop it from happening to anybody else.

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