Portable power bank

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I recently had to buy a new portable charger due to unfortunate circumstances however it was pretty much a happy accident because no the solar charger that actually bought in the past actually charge to under the sun and only lasted me 8 to 10 hours a day and took over 8-9 hours to charge back up but it still got the job done.

This new one that I bought lasts 16 hours and only needs to be for 8 hours, it’s charged my phone from 15%-100% in an hour and only used 10% of its battery as an uber eats and postmates delivery it’s very important that I have enough battery power the last thing you said the day as I’m working.

As you know with many portable chargers, you’ve got a lot of features, that come with this one has a digital clock which lets you know how much percentage you actually have as opposed the 4 indicator lights that doesn’t give you much information as to how long you have before your charger Runs Out.

UnLike the Anker power bank, you get at Target for $45 which kept switching off every 30-45 minutes without an efficient charge,

Has a better quality and efficiency that allows me to work longer in the field during the winter season.

Unfortunately, I am still unable to find a solar charger that charges under the sun and it has the same charging power that a lot of chargers have.

This concludes my charger review if you need extra work then sign up for Uber, Postmates or Wonolo here are the links.

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