Hallmark Channel

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Recently The Hallmark Channel accidentally aired an ad for Zola a wedding planner and registry website, that was never supposed to go out, it featured a lesbian wedding 2 women kissed no big deal it was quite beautiful.

A conservative group called 1 million moms who are active on Twitter and Facebook informed the Hallmark Channel of the error, ( threaten to boycott them) suggesting that it wasn’t age-appropriate nor did it fall in line with Hallmark’s standards so they removed the ad.

About a week later Zola reminded them of their contractual agreement and was disappointed that one of their ads that they paid for was no longer going to be aired during their Christmas specials (which is often recorded on their consumers DVRs on-demand or streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime) many supporters of LGBTQ saw the hard work of the cast and crew and wanted to make sure that they were recognized for their work. ( so they threatened to boycott)

As a result of fans and celebrities coming together to express concern on December 16th, 2019 the ad was reinstated and can be viewed all around the world which thanks to the attention people already have and like the president of the United States, all three parties iI addition to Hallmark’s competitors have been given free media attention.

In conclusion, you’re not going to make everybody happy and it’s very difficult to know who would have seen this ad considering the fact that cable is dying and commercials can mostly be seen on the internet than on cable thanks to the power of DVRs unless you’re watching a movie live or an on-demand channel that removed the Fast forward feature then you have no choice but to watch the ad all this really did was create a Streisand effect.

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