24 hours to hell and back Caneda’s White Rooster

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Still in the Jersey Shore Gordon Ramsay visits Patricia Caneda the co-owner and operator of Cuban restaurant called Caneda’s white rooster in Toms River, New Jersey.

781 Fischer Blvd, Toms River, NJ 08753

Patricia Caneda is a daughter Cuban refugees and mom of two who previously owned a small brick-and-mortar shop called Canada’s: an empanada experience which expanded into the white rooster thanks to Jeremy Grunin of Grunin Holdings investing into her dream.

Unfortunately just like blend on Main they too are having a difficult time attracting the locals, only opened a year they saw a decline after the summer only 2 they failed to attract the locals.

Before going through the disguise he decided to talk to the Jeremy who States that he has put in over 2 million dollars into the restaurant

Gordon Ramsay brings along Sopranos actors Vincent Pastore and Joey Gannascoli who are not impressed neither food nor the decor which was blend dinner however was far from perfect it was horrendous on top of that there was a smell that kept coming into the dining area from the kitchen nobody knew where that was coming from

Gordon walks into the kitchen and now comes this big reveal he takes everyone the street to watch what exactly is going on in the restaurant the condition of the kitchen was hellish flies all over the place rotten food and inexperienced young executive chef and to make it worse Jeremy who was also Undercover had to witness for the first time what was really going on in the restaurant.

There was also staff on their phone now I personally don’t mind people being on their phone as long as they’re paying attention and at least promoting the company however I admit I am guilty of this as well when you’re in a tight space you should be looking at what’s going on around you especially when you’re around things that can break or hurt you potentially.

During the staff meeting, there are a lot of concerns with the executive chef not knowing what anything means what GP means what overhead cost food production Etc another issue that is brought up is the semi seasonal location and lack of customers and resources in addition to lack staff training

After the staff meeting we get to see the inside of the kitchen and what exactly are they serving and in the fridge there is an octopus inside a sealed bag that is extremely Rancid so much so that it actually made Gordon vomit you also see a week old salmon and rotten vegetables.

Well the crew is cleaning the kitchen and the designers are working on the interior according to science to go one-on-one with Phil executive chef as they work together on the new menu, at first he is a little rocky but ultimately gets it done with Ramsey’s crew the staff is able to learn ultimately what they needed to learn the past 9 months.

After 24 hours dinner service still was Rocky however the investor Jeremy decided to give the restaurant they fired Phil and hired Chef Lisa who previously worked at blend on Main a restaurant that Chef Gordon had rescued in the previous episode

In conclusion, there are ways to attract locals your restaurant one of the ways is to partner up with delivery services such as Uber Eats Postmates GrubHub door dash also offer up your Space to meetups and events such as corporate or church event, which Toms River has a lot of also it is great publicity to get involved in the community by giving away anything you’re about to throw away.

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