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One of my favorite pastimes is watching YouTube for views on shows and movies Weather it be something that I like don’t like or something I am interested in watching these reviews save people time and money when it comes to choosing something from the theaters or TV however there are some do’s and don’ts of reviewing anything.

Watch, listen And Try the thing you are REVIEWING

In order for you to give the information people need you must actually try it out and not piggyback off of what other people say or listen to Rumours because you may not get the same experience as the last person who reviewed that product you actually have to try out there are people like this who will Watch review and review the same product without even trying it out.

Relevant to the topic

When reviewing anything it is important to talk about relevant issues such as defects plot lines and effects etc… for example, the show Batwoman how much is it on its first season and is being renewed for a second has issues with rushing into the plot or creating characters relevant to the plot and using them as throwaway characters before crisis on infinite Earth they killed off one of the villains Mary Hamilton who created a gun to kill Batwoman and faked the death of Beth Kate’s sister also known as Alice or reintroduce Beth from Another Earth only to take her away from the show with a stupid plot twist.

Personal opinions

When are you reviewing a product a movie or show it is important to the viewer did they understand where you are coming from for example one of the worst movies of 20 19 was Black Christmas it had the potential to be good however focused on sending a message instead of doing both you can have a good message and still have a good story instead the movies Focus was on the message of female empowerment instead of the actual story, in addition, it seems like they were riding on the coattails of the movie it was named after which was pretty disappointing the same thing goes with reviews when your main focus is on something you don’t like about the product movie or show your review becomes relevant because you didn’t say anything about the plot, the effects its purpose the facts it’s like if I were to review a portable charger and talk about how i don’t like the color rather than the actual purpose of portable charger, does it charge the phone how long does a charge the phone for can you take it everywhere does it fit in your pocket does it fit in your bag, is it durable.

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