Gordon Ramsay’s 24 hours to hell and back seafarer family restaurant

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Seafarer family restaurant Is a family-owned seafood restaurant in Manquin, Virginia 30 minutes away from Richmond and 1 hour from the beaches, while it sits on a busy highway At the time they were unable to attract local and truck population.

Manquin, Virginia is known for its war reenactments So it was pretty fun to see Gordon dress up as a British soldier During the episode He recruited season 3 winner and podcaster Chef Rock Harper, as the decoy.

The restaurant is run by 2 sisters Amber and Autumn Two sisters will have zero experience. And very little passion for the restaurant the head chef Logan Is a 20-year-old recovering narcotics user Who’s also Amber’s son. 

After the horrendous food and horrid smell coming from the kitchen, Both rock and Gordon emerged To say how bad the service was and the footage didn’t make it any better.

a couple of things that were wrong with a place was improper food storage rusted and dirty equipment and lack of accountability and Leadership Autumn one of the owners kept throwing everyone under the bus, in addition, She would put her boyfriend to work instead of her nephew she even chased out customers because they didn’t leave enough tip.

2 of the things that I took issue with this episode. It is something that happens to frequent in the work environment and it’s no cell phone use, It is the use of drugs and alcohol while on duty, I am a strong believer. You should always be sober-minded While you work However, what you choose to do after work Is your business.

The other thing is the lack of customer service Don’t chase people down for their tips That’s just rude and desperate.

Now when it comes to Seafood I’m no expert but as the video describes Seafood is a lot trickier than cooking regular food for example of shellfish need to be fresh and live Before they can be served Shellfish have to be stored in a freshwater tank wow fish Like other meat needs to be stored on ice or in a freezer if not done this way the crabs could die and decompose very quickly And there are a lot of diseases that come in fish.

When you work or on anything, you have to make sure that you have sufficient knowledge and what you’re doing. If not, then it’s not going to work out. If a person does not have the passion nor knowledge. Like a seafood restaurant, It’s going to fail. So at that point, you may want to change your menu So it better Fits your overall palette.

Has Gordon Ramsay teaches the head chef they get into the history behind his substance abuse which was hanging out with the wrong crowd and depression with the support of his Mother he is now a year sober and has found cooking to be an outlet for his recovery.

To wrap up the episode Amber takes full control of the restaurant While her sister Autumn takes a backseat They change the name of the restaurant to Halterman eatery the dinner service was strong and chef Rock becomes a mentor to Logan.


3 months later They’re still doing okay From the reviews I’ve read Rock is still working with Logan and Autumn might be back.

In conclusion, it’s important to whether it’s management business or supervision to know your craft, work with your team and delegate your staff accordingly.

That’s all I have for today Checkout out rock Harper’s podcast on Stitcher and Apple, and check out Chef Jeff Henderson book


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