Gordon Ramsay’s 24 hours to hell and back Southern Kitchen restaurant

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Gordon Ramsay visits Jackson Ward, Virginia to save Southern Kitchen Which is owned by a mother and daughter team Shane Robert Thomas, a black-owned business owner who has 20 years experience in sales and marketing, Her daughter Chelsea Who Was working in the education system Almost ten years before she decided to invest in her mother and kelyn.

In 2008 Shane opened up her first restaurant which was an unfortunate failure Where is Chelsea invest staying over $60,000? She decided to we’re at the restaurant. To ensure that it doesn’t fail.

Shane micromanages the kitchen and adds her own flavor to the food which is an abundance of parsley so much so that Gordon feels his bag with it.

In this episode Gordon Ramsay disguises himself as a white Madea he goes to the restaurant with a book club The food is dry and overcooked an overload of parsley and a slow cook.

During the big reveal, it shows that there is a lack of communication, ownership, and structure And mostly it’s due to the drama between the daughters. In addition to the stress that Shane and Chelsea.

With the only problems being internal rather than external Gordon Ramsay works on trying to repair the relationship within the family and assist Chef Dre To take control of his kitchen.

Gordon then meets with Chelsea to see her perspective on things and it’s revealed that she never really wanted to be in the business, but now that she is a businesswoman And has a degree in education She Has aspirations to open up her own daycare While kelyn doesn’t know what her she wants and just following in her mothers footsteps.

After talking to the kids Gordon has to now talk sense into Shane, she doesn’t take it so well and tries to wall away but with the help of Shane’s mother they managed to get through to her and after a successful evening, They’re on their way to the road of success.

Three months later The reviews have been phenomenal this episode stuck out to me because this family was so sophisticated and coachable It reminds me of when my father owned his restaurant and how he tried his best to put family first even if it was 4 hours a phone call and a game.

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