Bear’s Den Pizza 24 hours to hell and back

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Gordon Ramsay set aside out of Pizzeria bear Den Pizza in a college town in Conway Arkansas owned by Brad and Steven they are co-owners of Bruster’s and Bears Pizza Den

Brad is conservative has a wife and family, Steven is it happy with a clear substance abuse problem which is causing problems not only in the business but in a friendship as well Steven has spent his time at the restaurant destroying the foundation poking holes and breaking furniture the decor is ripped and the kitchen does not have a working stove as a pizza oven and a microwave.

As you first walk into the restaurant a couple things that are noted

  • Drinking on the job
  • Filthy Grill
  • Microwave food
  • Poorly stored food (canned cheese)
  • Infestation
  • Uncalibrated freezer
  • Inventory unaccounted for

After Gordon takes off his hippie disguised he takes a guest outside to show everyone what is going on Brad meets the crew at Hell on Wheels.

After talking to the employees it is apparent that Brad is not in control of the situation Brad has allowed Steven to take control over Bears Den which has lead to disastrous results for the point where the employees we’re ready to quit because of Stevens Behavior.

After a drastic look at the kitchen Gordon makes it clear to them that they need to step it up and clean everything in the kitchen in order to move forward and that’s exactly what they do.

While the team is preparing the restaurant the cooks are learning the new menu Gordon decides to sit with Brad and explain to him that he needs to remove Steven from the restaurant after talking to Brad Cordon set aside at Steven who is dealing with substance abuse and depression from his failed is among other things he tries to convince Gordon that he quit drinking but Gordon knows better.

As relaunch is approaching Brad and Gordon try to convince Steven to step back Brad offers Steve a role as a silent partner so he can check himself into a rehabilitation center Which is how anyone employer or partner should conduct business.

With the new kitchen and the decor looking amazing the doors are finally open relaunch however the chef still need a little more training but with the house of Gordon and his team the Pizza makers bounce back and with that they end the night on a great note and a successful relaunch

Three months later they’re doing pretty well and Steven is doing a lot better.

In conclusion when you’re running a business with someone you have to hold each other accountable when something is not being done that includes letting anything’s pass and when it comes to issues so sensitive as substance abuse you have to handle it with love and compassion.

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