Gordon Ramsay’s 24 hours to hell and back Southern Boulevard

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Still in Arkansas Gordon Ramsay visits Southern Boulevard AKA sobos in Little Rock Arkansas a Korean-American restaurant, owned and operated by Jermaine 1/2 black half Korean man who wanted to open up a restaurant make his parents proud and provide the American dream or his family however, unfortunately, his lack of experience with the service industry shows.

Gordon decides to work in the back as your sound man where can we see up close and personal the rotten produce dirty stove, food cooked improperly, cross-contamination and microwaved food.

During the staff meeting, both Veronica who is the waitress and acts as manager along with his girlfriend are doing everything possible to help Jermaine so Gordon agrees to step in or 24-hours.

During the kitchen inspection, things are a lot worse than it originally appeared with a non-working fridge and damaged products pulled pork that’s been expired 4 months a kitchen that has been clean in 8 months hot blood-soaked chicken the excuse that had Chef gave was that there is no leadership in the back of house in addition to being disgruntled over the Lack leadership and leadership.

Gordon recruits Michael a local Chef in Little Rock, his experience revolves around his father’s restaurant and his experience in food.

The new head chef Michael knocks it out of the park finishing a successful relaunch well that is happening Gordon assists, Jermaine, in confidence and Leadership while he started off Rocky he continues to improve through the night.

In conclusion, when you going to any business you have to do your research and Edition be sure to not only keep your employee’s happy talk to your employees and those around you to figure out ways you can improve on the restaurant management, or if you really want to have your business work for you then you need to hire general manager to run the plates

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