If you’re struggling with your MLM products here’s what you should do

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As a person who was in several multi-level marketing companies over the years and have failed every one of them, it’s very rare that I’ve ever Join another MLM, however considering the fact that I have worked for not one but two successful companies that have helped me strategize on what I can do to at least not recruit but sell the products if the opportunity ever came to me.

Two of the best companies that I actually work for that I was able to successfully make a significant change in my lifestyle, it has everything, from guaranteed income, a flexible schedule you can literally work when you want, maybe not from the comfort of your own couch though however, you can work from the comfort of your car or your favorite location, like Starbucks, McDonald’s the gym, you can even travel the world just as long as you follow the law of every state it’s the best company to join if you are struggling in an MLM.

These companies give awesome bonuses and referral commissions and the best part is if your friends are family members don’t have this service you can refer them and get discounts for referring them, and the perks are phenomenal you get discounts on gas, phone bill, you can even get affordable health insurance this is one of those things where if you do enough work you can actually make a living spend time with your family and make as much as you want during all seasons and the best part about it it’s completely FREE.

Okay so if you haven’t guessed it by now as mentioned before in my other previous blogs I deliver for Uber and Postmates I have also done to work with field agent and I’ve also been working with brand ambassador which is a pretty good app for influencers.

Back to Uber and Postmates, these are very great platforms to you if you need to get rid of excess product and make sales especially with Postmates because Postmates is more versatile they deal Duane Reade, grocery stores you name it so as you make these deliveries you can place whatever product you’re selling as long as it reflects what they’ve just bought gives me a sample as to compare and contrast this is something I probably would have done had I had the resources that it takes to be in an MLM.

With any business, you do it takes the right strategy and creativity all in all whether it’s Uber, Postmates, wonolo, field agent anything in the gig economy, these apps have made it easier now to make a living and not drive your friends, family and yourself crazy.

In conclusion, when you work for Uber or Postmates or any other companies that I have mentioned and listed it’s an opportunity to get real income coming in rather than going out and the only things that you may have to purchase is a vehicle and a portable charger.

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