Covid-19 affected everything

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Due to the unfortunate situation, a lot of people are suffering from financial hardship, depression & death of family which is why it is important to understand everyone’s perspective.

Initially, I was going to talk about social media and YouTube censorship and demonetization tactics because I think that’s very important however I also want to talk about how we need to listen to one another and not be so quick to shut them down even speak to each other about the solution instead of shutting each other down

So the first thing I want to get to is YouTube demonetization while YouTube has already explained that their system is flawed when it comes to their algorithm programs.

I believe that’s the way YouTube is handling videos and demonetization is contributing to there main issues because anyone that mentioned word COVID-19 their videos were demonetized which prevented talks about business, health mental and physical, or entertainment about the consequences of this virus.

YouTube has probably taken down hundreds of videos with dissenting opinions which contributes to conspiracy theorists rising up.

Even though YouTube doesn’t have to do because the fakers will take them down themselves just to look like martyrs, the same thing is happening on Facebook Twitter and Instagram because of this; it leaves no room for debate.

In recent days president of the United States recently signed an executive order against social media companies after Twitter decided to fact-check the president on mail-in voting.

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