John Schneider interview with Ethan Klein H3 H3

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On February 10, 2020 John Schnatter the founder and former CEO of Papa John’s sat down with Ethan Klein podcast H3 H3 the interview is 2 hours long and not only talks about everything John has gone through since leaving Papa John’s over the controversy of his use of the n-word but a serious conversation about cancel culture customer service and quality control.

John Schnatter is a victim of cancel culture and public shaming something that John Oliver had covered on his show last season where he even interviewed Monica Lewinsky who is a victim of circumstance considering in the acts of former President Clinton.

In the interview, he talks about the day of the call and how the company kept pushed past issues of commentary on the NFL kneeling controversy which he discusses the reasons for his NFL comments, and in order for him to move on to the next topic he decided to say he’s not like Colonel Sanders and that he would never say the n-word while using the n-word in a different context which should never be said under any circumstance it’s a forbidden word.

He also states that the media company that he had the interview with had tried to blackmail him for $6,000,000 dollars with the tape that they had of him saying the word and everyone threw him under the bus, he claims this was done to remove him from the board so they can take over the company while this is not the case cancel culture tends to take down innocent bystanders along the way through a process called Guilty By Association if you just send them you are guilty their wrongdoing you’re either with us or against us type of mentality the board was trying to distance the brand from the controversy.

Since his departure quality and Leadership of management has changed, I haven’t had Papa johns pizza in over 12 years, but I will say their services were better than dominoes and since they use delivery services like Postmates it’s also a lot easier to see when your food is arriving unlike dominos

I have to say though if John Schneider decided to have his own show where he pretty much eats and fixes small restaurants that’s a show I would tune in to every week just like Gordon Ramsay’s 24 hours to hell and back.

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