Reopening America and anti maskers

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Over the past 6 months small businesses have been struck where everything from covid-19, shutdowns, riots and looting and a heatwave on top of that things are only going to get worse with hurricane season right around the corner.

Currently New York and many other cities are allowing outdoor dining which is fine unless it’s raining or during a heatwave America has not thought this through there are several issues with this on top of that there are businesses that still are unable to open like gyms and movie theaters unless it’s a drive-in theater, luckily for the rest of the world because they actually handled the virus better there are countries that are back in full swing for business.

Today there are over a hundred businesses that are not coming back big and small and because they don’t have the same following as Elon Musk most have actually been arrested for opening up their businesses for example in my neighboring state New Jersey 2 gym owners were arrested for reopening their gym even though there was no cases of covid-19 out of their gym then months back you heard the story of Shelley Luther who also was arrested for opening her salon after weeks of not receiving her PPP loan until a day before she was scheduled to go to court.

Almost every one in the nation has lost common sense I don’t need to come up with examples but one example that really kills me is the fact that they shut down bathrooms what does bathrooms have to do with dealing with a virus especially if you’re using the bathroom to wash your hands

Both parties have royally screwed this up so I encourage you to support small businesses and Startup companies just go to Kickstarter and Indiegogo GoFundMe find something that you can get behind weather dollar or two everything is much appreciated



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