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I am not going to talk about the Goya CEO Fiasco because business owners are going to serve their own interest however I am going to Linck several recipes that you can use with all your products like the sofrito, sazon, Adobò, pink beans kidney beans and mojito.

Depending on the texture you like your rice and beans your best bet is to use either butter olive oil or vegetable oil with your boiled water there are several ways you can eat your rice you like it soft like I do your dad significant amount to your rice also make sure that there is more water than rice how do you say maybe a third of a cup.

For the beans you’re going to use sofrito Recatito sazon adobo and garlic powder mix it together with tomato sauce or you can use the Red can which is complete with this you can either use red pink or black these black things are awesome for black bean soup.

You can also mix rice with any type of protein whether it’s steak Vienna sausage, regular sausage Dominican sausage, bacon or beans.

Now if you want a little extra protein you want to cook a baked whole chicken in the oven, boneless chicken or fried chicken make sure you can you use Sazon mojito bread crumbs adobo garlic powder and onion powder depending on how you like your chicken you can cut the skin from the whole chicken or keep it for more desirable flavor.

That’s all I have for today Checkout out rock Harper’s podcast on Stitcher and Apple, and check out Chef Jeff Henderson book
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