How small streamers can help support small businesses while on their path to affiliates

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Currently through this pandemic a lot of small businesses have been hurting while small streamers are growing every twitch streamers dream is to become an affiliate or an influencer that is extremely possible before you reach a higher number.

Small streamers can actually use their platform to promote small businesses whether it be food, clothing or Tech this is even a great tactic to earn more big name sponsors.

Streamers are usually viewed all around the world including locally Here are a few tactics you can use to support small businesses as well as getting them to sponsor you

  • Wear their clothing
  • Wear stickers on your controller
  • Order from their restaurant live on stream
  • Or simply shout them out

In conclusion This is a symbiotic partnership we’re both streamers and small businesses can benefit from so why not just experiment with it. That’s all I have for you today check out my other blogs

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