US Army Esports games

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As you guys are aware the US Army has a twitch Channel well I’m not really shocked by that.

A lot of people have actually taken action to try to take them down off of twitch like representative Alexandria ocasio-cortez because they’re using giveaways to attract young impressionable children to join the military and people who asked about war crimes.

Now to Censor somebody for asking about anything nonetheless war crimes is somewhat of an issue because you’re restricting somebody is freedom of speech however you’re going to somebody else’s stream and asking them questions they probably don’t want to answer and it’s they’re right actually as long as they’re not using vulgar language for harassing people sexually then there’s no reason for you to actually ban them.

But I digress let’s get back through Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez trying to ban the US Army from twitch while I am a fan of the Justice Democrats I also believe to try to ban whether it’s the US Army Police Athletic League or any type of positive influence within the Gaming community is counterproductive that’s like Banning Doctor Mike from YouTube.

I’d prefer positive influencers to engage young impressionable children then them joining a Street gang what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bill de Blasio fail to address is the constant violence Within poor minutes a one-year-old child was actually shot and kill a couple of weeks ago in Bed Stuy Brooklyn going back to what I was saying before we got to change the narrative we have changed how they see us and that’s what everyone even police needs to change the narrative.

In conclusion for those who are saying that US Army Esports is just spreading propaganda within the twitch community you guys fail to realize there are many military style games out there you have Call of Duty Modern Warfare, warzone, Halo Valorant, fortnite it’s just asinine anyway let me know what you guys think like comment subscribe I tried my best to stay on topic my comes to entrepreneurship and education also be sure to buy something from Amazon

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