Brick-and-mortar stores

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No matter what business should you open up whether it’s a grocery store retail store Surplus barber shops nail salons beauty shops Etc… Etc…. one thing that needs to happen is consistency for example one thing that I’ve noticed in seeing my neighborhood shops is that some small business owners will open whenever they want and this is not the way anybody should do business there should always be a consistent schedule and if it changes it must be updated.

When it comes to stocking shelves be sure to do one of two things,

  1. Listen to the customer as to what products they might want chances are if they’re asking for it someone else it is as well.
  2. Only purchase things you know will sell and do that is by following step number one

Another issue that tends to occur in small brick-and-mortar businesses is customer service we all have bad days customers come in they’re difficult at times they are as frustrated or sometimes even more frustrated then you are at times especially during this pandemic where customers are literally arguing against wearing a mask which I have to say employees and some of these businesses are doing an excellent job however some don’t even enforce it and then there’s some business owners and it’s okay to have a bad moment or a bad day we all are entitled to plenty.

However, one thing I realized working at one company, is that my negative energy is only going to affect me but everyone around me and it’s going to affect the way I do my job which is why I had to make the decision to quit before I committed suicide.

Moving on I have always been a True Believer in do what you love and love what you do while I understand that sometimes we do the things that we have to do we should still find purpose and joy in doing so try your best not to take your frustration from the last difficult customer you had on the one who is trying to do business in your establishment you are a representation of the company.

As a business owner, you must think of everyone whether its employees or customers and if someone isn’t working out then you have to let them go but make sure it’s for a legitimate reason doesn’t do the work, absenteeism excessive lateness and attitude other than that evaluate their weaknesses and utilize their strengths.

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