JK Rowling clout controversy

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I keep hearing a lot about JK Rowling a person known for promoting Wizardry &  homosexuality being transphobic for not only her past and current controversies over her opinions have people she was trying to reach out to.

she recently wrote a book called troubled blood about a cisgender man dressing up in Drag and murdering his victims which are scheduled to be released September 15th at the time of the supposed was yesterday Well the description in the book seems questionable and might be used to troll and get attention for her new book it could also be that she is using the newfound dictionary that has been updated.

Due to the description and plot of the story, people are saying that this further proves her transphobia a woman that has written about LGBTQ characters in a positive light is transphobic however I will say this does not absolve her of her comments in the past nor is as proof that she is not transphobic however while we can spread awareness we must be careful when it comes to our intentions, we should inform not completely destroy.

Let’s add the same logic to some of the horror icons that are out there Jason Voorhees suffered from Hydrocephalus, schizophrenia, and dissociative identity disorder, Michael Myers was physically and mentally abused by his stepfather and developed catatonia in addition to psychopathy and mutism John Kramer had a brain tumor and suffered from depression which led to his psychopathy and lack of understanding of morals, Daniel Robitaille was chased, tortured, mutilated and dismembered by Town folks who disapproved of interracial relationships granted this was during the era of slavery.

I bring these characters up because if this book which is a work of fiction and art portrays JK Rowling as transphobic then by the same logic Bob Shea, Sean Cunningham, and John Carpenter where ableist, Leigh whannell was a eugenist had who probably worked because maybe in the insurance industry & Clive Barker is racist for portraying black people as murderous vengeful womanizing thugs who can’t let go of the past.

For me when it comes to JK Rowling while I am not a fan of the Harry Potter series and while there are LGB who are against trans the jury is still out for JK Rowling my opinion she may be Anti Trans and a troll or maybe she’s misunderstood and we drove her to this point.

In conclusion, we need to stop running at the first chance we get just to cancel someone over there Miner opinions while I agree that cancel culture is effective in certain situations it is counterproductive in others we are not only becoming the one thing that we hate but we are giving her more attention then she deserves and making her a whole lot of money do 200 people taking interest in this book or people buying it just to trigger the libs and supporting someone who has been attacked.

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