The solution to the VOD versus the movie theater experience

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Because of the pandemic a lot of filmmakers have been switching to VOD just to not release their movies but to turn a profit the problem is it’s been going to VOD companies like Amazon Prime Disney + and Netflix.

Meanwhile, the movie theater experience it has been put on hold movie theaters are experiencing a very difficult time keeping up with the prophets and they’re the biggest companies that may not be getting the help that they desperately need currently movie theater chains are closing up and facing the threat of not just closures for good, employees that have dedicated years, some even film students who are working in the theaters just to learn are being affected by this.

Except for Tales from the Hood 3 a lot of the movies that have been released with the price tag of $20 to $30 (Mulan) but the theater chains like Cinemark, AMC, and regal cinemas are being left out these are huge companies that are facing the same fate as Payless, Toys R Us and MoviePass.

But there is an overwhelming solution to all this instead of having these movies released on VOD to cable companies, and other streaming services why not give first dibs theater chains that have vod services like AMC Theaters, regal, and Cinemark keeping them afloat until this pandemic is over and until this pandemic is over and even partner with food delivery companies such as Uber Eats Postmates to deliver a movie pack to people’s homes who order their films thus bringing back the jobs that have been lost over this pandemic and that can be potentially lost by inaction.

Also as a bonus give Early Access and discounts to members of their MoviePass system.

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