safety in The Service Industry

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In the service industry health, safety and, customer service Takes priority over convenience Especially in the age Of covid restrictions and contactless delivery There is a likely chance you might see a 3rd party rather than a customer.

While its important to make sure that the Customer is happy it is also important that they remain healthy As well as working together with the 3rd party to make sure that the customer is getting everything They ordered if you do not have an item then there are 2 ways to contact the customer you can call customer service or you can have the courier contact the customer to Give them the option of either having a substitute For what they order or to cancel the Portion of the order.

It is important to never substitute anything food or drink with another item without contacting the customer We do this because you don’t know what their dietary restrictions are or whether or not they’re allergic to whatever it is you’re giving them in replacement for an item that you could not fulfill.

If by chance you Cannot fulfill on order take it off the menu As soon as you can so a customer doesn’t order The particular item and if you have to close please make sure a supervisor or manager is available at all times to Turn off the app Whether it’s done remotely or on-site Don’t hesitate to call customer service if something isn’t working correctly so Corrections can be made during and after your system comes back up, also, please confirm orders and work with uber partners.

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