Ubereats and Postmates Walker

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This is a subject I want to touch it on because I think it’s important to understand ubereats and Postmates potential earnings, their advertisement is slightly inaccurate and I believe this to be problematic.

Postmates and ubereats potential earnings promise you $27 an hour this is only possible if you have a mode of transportation like a car, bike, or scooter of some sort. you’re not going to make that as a walker you are making $10 an hour as a walker with minimum payouts ranging from $2.36 at delivery 4 dollars of delivery and you’re lucky and you get Postmates money because they may offer you one or two deliveries a day.

both companies have bonuses that can be achieved by completing a certain amount of deliveries for Example; On post mates, if you make 4 deliveries they will guarantee you 17.50 so as long as your earnings for 4 deliveries is that amount after tips.

Uber Quests bonus guarantees these amounts when you complete

Other than that if you don’t have any limitations as I do with a bad back and cerebral palsy or if you have a friend with a car or able to rent a car, Citi bike, Revel Moped, or a scooter and a portable charger your good.

Anyway that’s all I have for today if you want to learn how you can get the job or career that you want or want to learn how to utilize your degree that you’ve been paying so much money for feel free to check out my other blogs or if you want to learn more about Twitter marketing click here & don’t forget to check out my small businesses, small streamers of the week and consider purchasing a CEO SHIRT



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