Super straights

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Let’s talk about the free market and how some people don’t know how to use it or ignore to say the least this one involves a community of people who want to cause distraction and chaos I bring you the super straight community.

The super Straight community is based off this idea that men and women would like to date A natural born Man or woman Which I understand Many people consider this to be homophobic or transphobic and while I agree that it started as such these people don’t need the attention they’re getting because what they fail to realize is that unless the person is vindictive enough most people use apps like Grindr or go to lgbtq bars and meetups.

While these situations do happen they are very rare but at times highly-publicized which is why I want to encourage honesty in addition to using apps and going to specific locations Because it is unfair to attack someone who’s been like to that’s gaslighting.

There are some people who Will love you no matter who you are So be open And upfront with them At the start.

Final point make no mistake this is a distraction just like Potatos, old books and rabbits.

This is just my opinion I prefer to focus on what really affects our lives such as mental health, anti-bullying, and Financial self-improvement

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