Amazon PEE bottle

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Let’s talk about the Amazon pee bottle situation for legal reasons no Amazon is not forcing people to pee in bottles; however, from my understanding; bathroom breaks are clocked, According to an article in 2018 by the verge.

As a person who suffers from type 2 diabetes and IBS, in addition to my cerebral palsy, I might not be a qualified candidate to work in one of their 3rd party warehouses.

John Oliver From last week tonight also addressed some of the concerns that were happening at Amazon warehouses Back in 2019

There was even an episode of 911 season 3 discussing the nature of these accusations, A lot of these warehouses are contractors,  Their focus is always on their bottom line Well distance not absolve Amazon It does explain a lot.

This story has been confirmed by many reporters and Amazon employees who have reported this issue at Amazon and proof that there are aware of the situation

Amazon claims that have the reports are accurate that nobody will work for them; however, the unfortunate An Inconvenient Truth is that people will do anything to live; for example, in my case, I don’t have a stationary job right now, so I have to depend on Uber Eats none of the large chains would let me use the restroom it’s only small businesses that understand what we’re going through and let us use it even Starbucks which is the most Progressive company on the planet supposedly won’t let Uber deliveries use the bathroom and some locations in New York you have to wait outside in the cold and rain places like Sweetgreen and Chick-fil-A.

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